Thursday, March 04, 2010

Quick Reading Exercise

Read the following three sentences.

A. Sweet Sylvia, the homely oldest daughter of the surly first Asian Prime Minister of the Planet Fleejee, a tiny red planet from the farthest corner of the Amphibian Galaxy, which had broken from its Mother-planet during the Great Cosmic Skyquake of 3006, sat very dejected on the large purple velvet embroidered pillows of her throne, severely detesting her fat, balding, despicable father, who had only become one the second year after he was appointed Prime Minister, while she hurriedly wolfed down her salty cold rice and beans, a split second before she choked to death.

B. Sylvia choked to death.

C. Sylvia, daughter of the Prime Minister of the planet Fleejee, sat dejected on the purple pillows of her throne. She stared at her father. How she hated his fat, ugly face. She had to get out of there. Hurriedly, she wolfed down her salty dinner of cold rice and beans. And choked to death on it.

Compare and contrast the three. What do you think of each of them?

Formulate your opinion of the three sentences first, then click here to read the entry Writing With Rhythm over at Llumina Press for an explanation.


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