Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Rejection Is Part Of Being A Writer

Here's a lesson for all writers to imbibe: You're going to get rejected. Accept that. Expect that. Sometimes you'll be rejected impersonally, as with a form letter. Sometimes you'll get constructive notes along with the rejection; sometimes they won't be constructive. They could even get insulting, hurtful, sarcastic. And rejection won't just come from editors and publishers, they may come from readers and critics too. Just soldier on, keep writing, keep trying to improve, keep trying to tell your stories.

And check out this list of 50 Writers Who Were Repeatedly Rejected. Discover that before they met success, these writers' works were turned down my many editors and publishers. But they kept at it, kudos to them.

Some of the names on the list: Asimov, Christie, Heller, Le Guin, Faulkner, Nabokov, L'Engle, Singer.

Even when their work was turned down, they kept writing and trying, and they eventually succeeded.


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